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New Arrivals : Bongs, Dab Rigs, Quartz Bangers, Freezable Bongs, Ash Catchers, Weed Grinders, Hand Pipes, Downstems, Bowls For Bongs, Carb Caps, and more!

ash catcher 14mm 45 degree phoenix star showerhead perc 14mm 45 degree ash catcher

Ash Catcher 14mm 45 Degree Degree Phoenix Star 18mm/90 or 14mm/45


14mm 45 Degree Phoenix Star Ash Catcher

18mm 90 Degree Ash Catcher 

The Ash Catcher 14mm 45 Degree Phoenix Star is the perfect accessory to keep your smoking area clean and organized. The ash catcher is crafted with quality materials to last through years of use. With a 45 degree angle, it provides an optimal dispersal of ash, so you can enjoy a smoother smoking experience.

Recycler Bong

freezable bong glycerin bong monster bong freeze bong 18"

Bong Freezable Bong Glycerin Monster 18"


18" Freezable Bong Monster Bong

5mm Thick Glass

Glycerin Freeze Bong

Freezable removable top, can be frozen for 30-45 minutes, and will chill the smoke, allowing the user to inhale a larger hit.  

High quality, highly detailed bong is great addition to any collection.  The top part is removable and monster theme is unique.  

freezable bong glycerin bong phoenix star freezable bong 14 inch 3 tubes glycerin

Freezable Bong 14" Triple Coil Phoenix Star

$109.99Sold out

The Phoenix Star Freezable Bong 14" 3 Coils is perfect for those who are looking for an extra chill factor to their smoking sessions. An adjustable airflow valve and three coils enable a smoother and cooler smoking experience. Plus, the freezable top piece adds further cooling - so you can get the most out of your toke.

Phoenix Star Freezable Bong 14" 3 Coils

14" Tall

5mm Thick

3 Separate Freezable Coils

14mm 45 Degree Joint

Removable Slide

glycerin bong freezable bong glycerin bong alien bong phoenix star bong glycerin bongskull bong

Freezable Bong Skull Freezer Bong 18"


Phoenix Star Freezer Skull Bong

18" Beaker Bong Water Pipe Freezable Tube

14mm 45 Degree Angle

34mm Freezable Tube

5" Beaker Base 7mm Thick

High Quality Boro Glass Beaker Freezable Bong

Freezable Bong Top Removes To Put In Freezer

Experience smooth and cool hits with the 18" Freezable Bong Skull Freezer Bong. Its freezable glycerin chamber allows the bong to stay cool for extended periods of time, so you can always enjoy a refreshing experience.



Mini Bong Dab Rig 7" Phoenix Star

Mini Bong Dab Rig 7" Phoenix Star


Phoenix Star Brand

7" Dab Rig

Showerhead Perc

14mm Joint Size 

terp slurper banger quartz 14mm 18mm glass banger quartz quartz banger

Terp Slurper Quartz Banger Seamless Weld 20mm OD


Terp Slurper Quartz Banger Seamless Weld 20mm OD

20mm Outer Diameter

14mm/18mm Male or Female

High Quality Quartz That Retains Heat

No Weld Fully Seamless Joint

Check Out Out Terp Marbles & Terp Screws

This Terp Slurper Will Spin Your Terp Pearls!!  Slanted Slots Allow Cyclone Air Flow To Spin Pearls.  

dab rig recycler bong 9 inch klein recycler american glass phoenix star brand

Recycler Bong Dab Rig 9" American Glass


Made With North Star Glass Rod American Glass

Wig Wag Colored

High Quality Phoenix Star 14mm 90 Degree Bong

9" Dab Rig 

Phoenix Star Brand High Quality

recycler bong dab rig american north star glass 9 inch recycler rig

Recycler Bong Dab Rig Phoenix Star


North Star American Glass Rod

9" Recycler Bong

14mm Joint Size

This Recycler Bong Dab Rig Phoenix Star is an excellent choice for those looking for a durable, reliable bong. The recirculating design ensures smooth, clean smoke, and the recycler element cools the smoke as it cycles through the chamber. It's sure to help you elevate your smoking experience!

mushroom bong glow in dark bong 3d bong

Mushroom Bong 12.5" 7mm Thick 3D


Mushroom Bong 12.5" 7mm Thick 3D

 •3d Glow in Dark Mushroom Design

•14mm 45 Degree Joint

•3d Glow In Dark Mushroom

•Removable Stem

•7mm Thick Glass

mushroom bong 13 inch 3d bong monster bong 3d phoenix star bong

Mushroom Bong 13" 3d


This Mushroom Bong 13" 3d is a unique and eye-catching piece of smoking equipment. With a lady bug and mushroom design, this 3D bong stands 13" tall and provides a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.


14mm slide bowl

weed grinder trippy 3d frog art grinder

Weed Grinder Frog Earth Hippy


2.5" x 1.75" Weed Grinder

Herb Grinder For Legal Herbs

Frog Trippy Mushroom Grinder Art 

Aluminum 4 Part Design

High Quality 3D Image Will Not Wear Or Fade With Use

This 4-part Grinder Weed Grinder is the perfect tool for efficient grinding of your herbs. Its robust construction and stainless steel teeth make it highly durable and suitable for long-term use. Its 4-piece design makes it easy to store and transport, making it a great choice for on-the-go grinding.

freezable bong phoenix star freeze glycerin bong water pipe freezable bong glycerin bong phoenix star bong

Freezable Bong 12" Condenser Coil Glycerin Water Pipe Phoenix


Freezable Bong 12" Condenser Coil Glycerin Water Pipe Phoenix

Glycerin coil Bong that freezes; when cold chills the smoke allowing the user to take a larger hit.  Freezable Coil Should Be Frozen For One Hour Before Use.  Bong breaks into 2 pieces so that the top part may go in freezer.  Takes a 14mm male bowl.  This bong is made by Phoenix Star.  The Glycerin Coil Comes Filled And Never Needs To Be Refilled!!

•Removable Downstem

•Condenser Coil

•14mm Male Bowl Included

•7mm Thick Glass

 Beaker Bong With Freezer Coil

Freeze Coil For Two Hours And Use..  Will Chill Smoke Allowing User To Inhale A Larger Hit.  

This bong uses a 14mm 45 degree ash catcher.

dab rig dog robot bong robot balloon dog

Dab Rig Bong Dab Rig Robot Dog Bong Balloon Dog


This Dab Rig Bong features a unique robot-shaped design that will stand out in any collection. Crafted from high-quality glass, this bong ensures a smooth and pure smoke experience. Its subtle balloon dog shape adds a touch of whimsy and is sure to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy an enhanced dabbing experience with this one-of-a-kind bong.

Balloon Dog Themed Bong Dab Rig

Dab Rig Includes Quartz Banger

14mm 45 Degree Joint Angle

Made To Look Like A Balloon 

Great addition to any collection looks very realistic, great detail and great bong for any person.  

monster bong 3d bong 13 inch beaker bong

Monster Bong 13"


The Monster Bong 13" is a uniquely designed water pipe that stands out from the crowd. Its 3D design and 13" height means you'll get an incredible smoking experience and an expert level hit. Enjoy smooth, even hits and powerful flavor with every use.

Ash Catchers For Bongs

Weed Grinders Herb Grinders

Glass Pipes Hand Pipe Bowls

Glass Pipes Hand PIpes

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